Bad Breath: Common Causes and How To Prevent It

Bad breath Many people have experienced the foul taste in their mouth when they first wake up or the self-conscious feeling that comes with wondering if your breath smells bad. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is common; in fact, it’s completely normal. However, some people struggle with bad breath more often than others.

Discover some of the most common causes of bad breath and what you can do to prevent it.

What Can Cause Bad Breath?

You may not even be aware that some of the most common habits can lead to chronic bad breath. These may include:


Your morning coffee may be causing your morning breath because it reduces saliva production, leaving the mouth feeling dry. The lack of salvia then leads to an over-production of odor-causing bacteria.


Smoking has many poor side effects on the body, and bad breath is one of them. It causes the mouth the become dry in addition to the scent of smoke. It can also lead to gum disease and other oral health issues.


Certain foods tend to cause bad breath because the bacteria in the mouth feed off them. Some of these include high-protein, spicy, or sugary foods.

Poor Dental Health

Poor oral hygiene can lead to gingivitis, cavities, dry sockets, and periodontal disease, which can all cause the breath to smell bad due to bacterial growth.

Dry Mouth

A dry mouth is a common side effect of many medications and can also be caused by certain illnesses, which increase bacteria growth in the mouth.

How Can You Prevent Bad Breath?

You may wonder if this means you have to give up your favorite foods or morning coffee, and the answer is no. However, some other suggestions can help:

  • Drink water alongside your coffee to stay hydrated and increase saliva production.
  • Replace your toothbrush every three to four months and utilize ADA-accepted oral hygiene products.
  • Try tongue scraping to remove bacteria, which could be contributing to your bad breath.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Chewing sugar-free gum can increase saliva production and help keep your mouth feeling and smelling fresh.

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