Benefits of ClearCorrect

Misaligned teeth is one of the most common dental problems that people face at all ages. Teeth that are crooked or crowded are not only cosmetically unappealing, but can lead to further oral health problems the longer they go uncorrected.

In the past, traditional metal braces were the only option for correcting misaligned teeth. Nowadays we have a much more comfortable and attractive option called ClearCorrect. These nearly invisible aligner trays offer a number of benefits, as they are: what are the advantages of clearcorrect

  • Comfortable
  • Nearly invisible while smiling or talking
  • Removable, making eating and oral hygiene activities easier

ClearCorrect aligners are more comfortable to wear than metal braces, and can be taken off to brush, floss, and eat. In addition, they are very effective , and can correct your teeth in a shorter amount of time than regular braces require.

Another benefit of ClearCorrect is that you don’t need to visit the dentist every time you need an adjustment. Each of your series of aligners is pre-made, and you’ll just change them out at predetermined times set by Dr. Paez.

The ClearCorrect Process

The ClearCorrect process of correcting your teeth is as follows:

1. Visit Dr. Paez for your initial consultation.

2. Photos, impressions, and X-rays are taken of your teeth.

3. We send these to the ClearCorrect labs, where they make a 3D model and customize your aligner trays.

4. A complete treatment plan is mapped out.

5. Wear your aligners as long as necessary; most people’s plan takes around one to two years.

6. Enjoy your properly aligned teeth!

You’ll need to use a retainer to maintain the new shape of your teeth, but it will not need to be worn all the time like with the initial aligners. Dr. Paez will advise you about how long and how often you should wear your retainer.

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If your teeth are crooked or crowded, or you have an overbite or underbite, you may benefit from ClearCorrect. Call Nevada Dental Esthetics at 702-737-3553 to make your appointment and find out if you’re a candidate. We serve patients in the Summerlin and Spring Valley areas of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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