Benefits of Permanent Dentures

When you think of dentures, most people imagine the adhesive kind that you take out at night. Adhesive dentures are the most common type of denture, but they have a number of significant drawbacks. Permanent dentures (also called implant-supported dentures), on the other hand, do not need to be removed. In addition, they can help preserve your jawbone and give you stability in your bite. Smiling older couple with nice teeth and strong jaws due to permanent dentures

Las Vegas dentist Dr. Jorge Paez offers permanent dentures to patients who are good candidates. Learn more about permanent dentures and schedule your consultation today by calling 702-737-3553.

What Are Permanent Dentures?

Permanent dentures are dentures which are secured in the mouth by dental implants. Benefits of permanent dentures over adhesive dentures can include:

  • More comfortable. Adhesive dentures often have a tendency to move around and irritate the gums, but permanent dentures are locked in place.
  • Stronger bite. Patients who use adhesive dentures may find that they cannot eat foods such as apples. With permanent dentures, no food is off the table.
  • More youthful appearance. Adhesive dentures do nothing to replace tooth roots. However, tooth roots are vital to keeping the jawbone strong. If all of your tooth roots are gone, eventually your jaw will collapse. Dental implants, utilized in permanent dentures, actually replace the tooth roots in order to provide necessary jaw support.

Dental implants have long been considered the best way to replace a missing tooth, since they are implanted into the jaw to replace the missing tooth root. Dental implants fuse with your jawbone, allowing the jaw to retain its shape and strength.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, but they can also be used if you need a full set of dentures. In the case of full dentures, the dentures will be anchored by just two, four, or six dental implants. There is no need to replace every single missing tooth with an implant. Dr. Paez will discuss your options with you and help you decide how many dental implant anchors would be best for your individual case.

Adhesive Dentures vs. Implant-Supported Dentures

Adhesive dentures are still in wide use, despite permanent dentures being generally considered a better option. You may opt for adhesive dentures over implant-supported dentures if you:

  • Don’t want to or can’t spend a lot of money on your oral health. Adhesive dentures are much cheaper than permanent dentures.
  • Are not a good candidate for dental implants. You may not be a good candidate if you are a heavy smoker, have gum disease, or do not have sufficient bone density in the jaw.

If you are a good candidate for permanent dentures but are concerned about the cost, talk to Dr. Paez during your consultation about dental financing plans. We offer financing so that each of our patients is able to get the best dental care possible. We don’t want our patients to have to settle for inferior dental work because of budgetary constraints. Your dental health is our top priority.

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