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Porcelain veneers are a very popular way to correct cosmetic issues with the teeth. They are long lasting, stain resistant, and able to be fully customized to match your existing teeth and create a uniform, beautiful smile.price of porcelain veneers las vegas

Although many people find the idea of porcelain veneers attractive, they may be concerned about the price. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are rarely covered under insurance, and no one wants to go bankrupt over an out of pocket dental procedure, no matter how amazing the results. Luckily, many dental offices, including Nevada Dental Esthetics, offer financing plans to help everyone be able to afford the smile they’re dreaming of.

How Much Do Porcelain Veneers Cost?

The truth is that it is impossible to say how much your porcelain veneers will cost without seeing you in person and formulating a plan. The price of veneers varies dramatically depending on a number of factors, including:

  • How many veneers are needed
  • The extent of the patient’s tooth damage
  • Whether other procedures will also need to be done
  • If any of your treatment plan is covered by insurance

Veneers alone may not be enough to fully correct all of a patient’s tooth damage. If there is structural damage along with cosmetic damage, it is very likely that structural work will need to be done along with veneers placement. Structural, restorative dental work that is necessary for your oral health is often at least partially covered by insurance, which will affect the final price you pay out of pocket.

During your consultation, Dr. Paez will be completely upfront and transparent about how much you can expect to pay for your porcelain veneers treatment. He will include all costs and fees, and work with you to come up with a treatment plan that will sufficiently address all of your concerns yet remain affordable.

CareCredit Dental Financing

Dr. Paez offers CareCredit financing plans to help his patients afford to correct their teeth without worrying too much about the financial burden. Dr. Paez believes that everyone, no matter their income bracket, should have the opportunity to achieve a smile they are happy with.

Schedule a consultation at Nevada Dental Esthetics to learn more about CareCredit and how it can help you finance dental work.

Alternatives to Porcelain Veneers

If a patient feels that the cost of porcelain veneers is too high, there are some less expensive alternatives that can be considered. These can include:

  • Dental bonding: Dental bonding is not as long-lasting and is not stain resistant, but it does offer a few advantages over veneers. Dental bonding is generally less expensive, and it does not require any erosion of natural tooth enamel. This can be a great option for people with minor chips or cracks.
  • Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening is inexpensive and a relatively simple procedure to perform. If your main concern is discoloration, this is a great solution. However, teeth whitening does not address chips, cracks, gaps, or crookedness.
  • ClearCorrect or Six Month Smiles: If your main issue is crookedness or gapping, then you may benefit from an orthodontic solution to straighten your teeth. ClearCorrect is a popular alternative to braces, similar to Invisalign, and Six Month Smiles are clear braces that take less time to straighten the teeth and are more cosmetically appealing than traditional braces.

No matter which option or combination of options ends up being best for you, you can rest assured that Dr. Paez will do everything in his power to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with your results without having to break the bank.

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