How To Prepare for Invisalign®

invisalign If you have chosen Invisalign® to transform your smile, proper preparation before you wear your first set of aligners gives you a head start on your treatment. These five preparation tips simplify incorporating Invisalign into your lifestyle to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Understand Your Treatment Plan

Fully understanding your personalized treatment plan, which includes regular dental check-ups, wearing time, and care instructions for your teeth and the aligners, helps the entire process move more smoothly. Knowing what is involved and expected before treatment begins will make it easier to follow the plan.

Create an Eating Schedule

As Invisalign aligners are worn over your teeth, you should not eat or drink anything other than plain water while wearing them. The recommended 20- to 22-hour wear time can make sipping coffee and snacking challenging. Consider your eating habits, and make adjustments to allow you to wear the aligners as long as possible each day. You can still eat and enjoy your favorite foods, but it’s better to eat consistent meals rather than take your alingers out every few hours for a snack.

Brush and Floss More Often

Get into the habit of brushing and flossing your teeth after eating and drinking, especially anything sugary. Removing food particles and keeping teeth as clean as possible will prevent cavities and other dental issues from occurring. Your aligners also need regular cleaning, so make sure you follow the care instructions provided by your dentist. Don’t worry; our team will fill you in on everything you need to know about wearing Invisalign and caring for your trays.

Assemble an On-The-Go Dental Kit

A simple dental kit gives you the freedom to eat and drink anywhere. It should include a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouth rinse, and a container for your aligners. Keeping multiple containers in common areas — like your car and at your desk — can help you prevent misplacing aligners.

FYI: Invisalign containers need cleaned, too! Make sure to clean yours at least once per week.

Review All Treatment Costs

To ensure you can afford your treatment from start to finish, review all costs and check with your insurance to see what is covered. Knowing your costs upfront allows you to plan for expenses outside your insurance plan.

Your Invisalign Partner

Whether you are an existing Invisalign patient or just getting started, Nevada Dental Esthetics can guide you along your Invisalign journey. Contact our experienced team with questions about Invisalign and your treatment plan, or need help when issues arise.

Dr. Jorge Paez has been practicing dentistry since 1999. His extensive knowledge and experience, coupled with the latest advancements in dental technology, allow him to provide every patient with the highest quality of care.

Call our Las Vegas, NV, office at 702-737-3553 or fill out our online contact form for assistance with your Invisalign treatment and other oral health needs. We’re here to support you and your beautiful smile!

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