Professional Teeth Whitening, Over the Counter Cant Compare!

Professional teeth whitening Professional teeth whitening is oftentimes as easy as your typical store-bought whitening solutions. A quick visit to our office to collect whitening supplies or sit down for a treatment and you have long-lasting whitening solutions at hand. The difference is that store-bought whitening methods can oftentimes have lacking results and even come with some unfortunate side effects. With that being said we encourage you to reach out to us at Nevada Dental Esthetics. Our professional teeth whitening treatments can upgrade your smile without any unwanted side effects. Read on to find out more.

Side Effects of Store Bought

As we touched on briefly, many store-bought whitening solutions tend to be quite harsh on your teeth and overall mouth. These methods of whitening tend to use harsh chemicals to clear away stains that then irritate the surrounding gum line. Furthermore, continued use of these products can lead to damage to your teeth over time due to the harshness of the whitening compounds used in these products. Overall, some might be able to provide similar results to professional whitening treatments, but it comes at a much steeper cost for the overall health of your teeth and gums.

Lasting Results

Typically a professional whitening procedure can last as long as two years from the time it is done. Whereas store-bought methods tend to only last short periods comparatively. On average most store-bought whitening methods only last for a handful of months before you start to see discoloration reappear on your teeth. Which in turn encourages you to buy more of these products and use them more frequently. Which as we mentioned above, can start to severely affect your gums and teeth overall. Besides irritating your gums, continued use of these products can wear away teeth and lead to intense sensitivity.

Easy to Have Another Treatment

Once you can tell you need another professional whitening treatment we can easily pencil you in to have a return visit and get it done quickly. In return, you get a brighter smile without worrying about all those side effects or dealing with sore gums and teeth. Depending on your diet and what you like to drink, the results of a professional whitening may not last as long. Do keep this in mind for scheduling another whitening treatment.

If you’re ready to schedule your professional teeth whitening procedure simply give Nevada Dental Esthetics in Las Vegas, NV, a call at 702-737-3553.

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