What Are My Adult Braces Options?

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Many adults did not get braces as a teenager, and now want to correct their crooked teeth before it becomes a larger issue. However, metal braces are unappealing to most people, no matter their age. Plus, the length of time that traditional braces often take can seem daunting.how to correct crooked teeth

Luckily, with advances in cosmetic dentistry, our Las Vegas cosmetic dentist is able to offer a wider range of options to correct crooked teeth in a more comfortable and less time consuming manner.

Options for straightening your teeth as an adult include:

If your teeth are crooked, it's a good idea to get them fixed, even if cosmetically they don't bother you. Crooked, overlapping, or widely spaced teeth can wear unevenly over time, which can cause bite misalignment problems leading to:

  • Headaches
  • Problems chewing
  • Jaw pain
  • Weakened teeth

In addition, it can be difficult to clean teeth properly when they are crooked, which can lead to an increase in tooth decay. If tooth decay is not treated properly, it can cause the tooth to fall out, or the tooth to be weakened so much that it requires extraction.

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