What Should Be Evaluated During a Dental Examination?

Man with dental floss. At Nevada Dental Esthetics in Las Vegas, NV, Dr. Jorge Paez and his team are available to help evaluate your smile and ensure it is both beautiful and healthy. These routine visits and cleanings are critical to maintaining oral health.

Below are just a few of the parts of a dental examination that will be performed at each routine dental visit:

  • Your oral hygiene routine. When you visit with your dentist, he will ask about your current oral hygiene routine that you practice each day to ensure you are meeting your unique oral health needs. He may make additional recommendations, including suggestions for kinds of toothpaste, mouthwashes, and other dental products that can help.
  • Detailed x-rays and images. With x-rays and digital images, your dentist can spot issues that cannot be seen on the surface, ensuring thorough evaluation and care recommendations.
  • The appearance and health of the gum tissues. Red, swollen gums may indicate gingivitis or periodontal disease. If you notice discomfort or bleeding of the gums, be sure to relay this information to Dr. Jorge Paez and his dental hygienists for further evaluation.
  • Bite alignment. Poor bite alignment can result in many dental issues, including unwanted wear and tear of the natural teeth and spaces between them. It may also contribute to issues such as bruxism which can cause clenching and grinding that becomes damaging to teeth and dental restorations.
  • Signs of tooth decay. Any early indication that tooth decay has begun is noted by our dental team, and patients are advised to address these areas of decay with fillings to keep them from becoming larger and more damaging to the smile.
  • Signs of periodontal disease. If you are dealing with persistent bad breath, swollen and painful gums, receding soft tissues, or even loose teeth, you may be experiencing periodontal disease. It is essential to visit your dentist regularly to prevent the condition from developing in the first place and protect the health of your smile.

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