What To Expect During Your First Visit to the Dentist

Waiting young woman sitting at dentist room Starting a relationship with a local dentist is an important step in maintaining oral health and wellness. This is the individual you will be trusting with the health and appearance of your smile on a regular basis. Dr. Jorge Paez and his team at Nevada Dental Esthetics of Las Vegas, NV, encourage new patients to be prepared for their first dental visit at his office.

Below are a few things you can expect when you walk into the front doors of our practice, conveniently located off the Las Vegas Strip.

  • Dental cleaning. Our team first starts with a dental cleaning with the dental hygienist. He or she will take the time to clean the teeth and gums, removing plaque and tartar that can contribute to periodontal disease and tooth decay. During this cleaning, the dental hygienist may also take note of any areas of concern within the smile to bring to Dr. Jorge Paez’s attention.
  • Dental evaluation. First, your dental team will have you take a series of x-rays, and photographs may be taken of the smile in its current stage. These images are stored in your file to ensure easy access to compare your smile with future changes. Dr. Jorge Paez will physically evaluate the teeth and gums and refer to imaging to diagnose any potential issues.
  • Dental education. Your dental team will ask about your current oral health habits to get a general idea of your level of commitment to a beautiful, healthy smile. Some recommendations regarding products, such as electric toothbrushes, water piks, or mouthwashes, may be made depending on your oral health needs.
  • Scheduling your next visit. After your appointment, your dentist will advise you as to how often you should be seen in the office for cleanings and examinations to monitor oral health and wellness over time. Most patients will schedule another cleaning and exam approximately four to six months out from the current appointment date.

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Whether you are completely new to the Las Vegas, NV area or are seeking a new dental provider in your community, call 702-737-3553 to request an appointment with Dr. Jorge Paez and his team at Nevada Dental Esthetics for your first evaluation and consultation appointment at the office.

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