Here’s Why You May Need Dental Implants

dental implants Smiling is more than just a facial expression. It’s a sign of joy, laughter, and excitement; it’s also one of the first things people notice! That’s why having a healthy, well-aligned smile is something that people are eager to maintain. However, sometimes the unexpected occurs, or good habits get cast by the wayside during stressful life events, both of which can leave teeth in a state that is less than ideal. In many cases, these issues can require dental implants to correct.

Here are just a few of the many cases in which dental implants may be necessary to keep your smile aesthetic and pristine:

Missing Teeth

First and foremost, dental implants are the go-to option for filling in the spaces left behind by missing teeth. Not only can the uncomfortable gaps caused by missing teeth detract from the aesthetic of your smile but they can also bring with them a variety of other problems, such as difficulties chewing and speaking. Likewise, missing teeth can weaken the integrity of the surrounding teeth, causing them to shift and even fall out in the future.

Teeth That Need to Be Removed

Though you may not currently have a missing tooth, there are countless dental issues that can call for the complete removal of teeth, thereby necessitating the use of dental implants or partial dentures. Those issues can include periodontal disease, severe tooth decay, and tooth damage that is beyond repair. And by removing those problem teeth and replacing them with dental implants, you can avoid any of the trouble issues mentioned in the previous section and more.

Uncomfortable and Loose-Fitting Dentures or Partials

Finally, another common reason why people choose to receive dental implants is that the dentures or partial dentures they had opted to use instead aren’t working as they hoped. Whether the dentures were ill-fitting to begin with or have progressively worsened and become looser over time, dental implants are a simple and permanent alternative. Moreover, if you’re simply tired of dealing with the maintenance of dentures, implants are also likely your best option.

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