How Does Invisalign® Work?

Invisalign® utilizes a system of clear, removable trays to shift your teeth into alignment gradually. A series of custom-made Invisalign® trays will be created for you. Each set of trays is designed to move your teeth from one specific position to another over the course of one to two weeks. Then, you will move on to the next set of trays to build on your progress. This process will repeat until you have the straight, healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

Las Vegas cosmetic dentist Dr. Jorge Paez has used this discreet and convenient teeth-straightening system to improve many of his patients’ smiles. With ample experience in a range of cosmetic dental treatments, Dr. Paez can determine the safest and most effective method of meeting your unique treatment goals.

What does the Invisalign® Procedure Involve?

Achieving an improved smile with Invisalign® involves a few visits to our office and a commitment to consistency on your part. Our role is to make sure your treatment plan is perfect and to provide the information, support, and monitoring needed to ensure a beautiful outcome and improved oral health. Your role is to be diligent about caring for your teeth and wearing your trays and to keep up with your visits to Dr. Paez.


The first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Paez. After completing an exam, Dr. Paez will determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign®. Millions of people have succssfully used Invisalign®, but depending on your goals, you may be a better candidate for ClearCorrect or Six Month Smiles.

Treatment Plan

If Invisalign® is the best option for you, the next step is for Dr. Paez to create your personalized treatment plan. The most important part of this step is your digital scan. Dr. Paez will take a 3D scan of your teeth. Then, he will work with Invisalign® to determine the best way of shifting your teeth into alignment.

Aligner Creation

Your aligners will be custom made based on your 3D scan and unique treatment plan. Invisalign® aligners are designed to be comfortable, fit well, and gently guide your teeth into their new positions.

When you visit our office to pick up your first aligner trays, Dr. Paez will make sure the trays fit as intended and will discuss how to care for your teeth and aligners throughout treatment. This is also a good time for you to ask any questions you might have.

Treatment Process

woman with Invisalign tray Each set of aligners will be worn for one to two weeks. Dr. Paez will provide personalized instructions for your specific case. You will need to visit our office about every six weeks, so Dr. Paez can monitor your progress and deliver your next sets of aligner trays. Throughout your treatment, you will need to adhere to the following protocols to maintain healthy teeth:

  • Remove your aligners to eat and drink and to brush and floss your teeth.
  • Aim to wear your aligners 22 hours per day.
  • Clean your trays every night by rinsing and brushing them.

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Straightening your teeth can improve your confidence and oral health. Find out if Invisalign® is the best option for you by calling 702-737-3553 to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Paez has been practicing cosmetic and general dentistry in Las Vegas since 1999. His dedication to his patients has been key to building and maintaining his reputation as a quality, caring practitioner. Our office proudly serves patients from Spring Valley, Summerlin, the surrounding areas of Nevada, and visitors to Las Vegas.

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