General Dentistry

Las Vegas Dentist Serving Summerlin, Spring Valley and Nearby Nevada Locations

close up headshot of young woman smiling showing her great teeth in a dental operating chair under a dental overhead lightNevada Dental Esthetics is a comprehensive dental practice for adults and families in the Las Vegas area. This means that while we perform many different cosmetic dentistry procedures, we also perform general dentistry so that your teeth can be healthy and attractive.

Dr. Paez utilizes the most advanced, safe, and effective dental technology to help you maintain good oral health as well as beautiful teeth. Dr. Paez can perform any dental procedure you need in order to achieve or maintain the smile that you have always wanted. Please call 702-737-3553 today to begin discussing the best way to optimize your oral health.

Our General Dentistry Services in Las Vegas

General dentistry concerns the prevention and correction of all your dental problems. Dr. Paez performs many different oral hygiene treatments and procedures, including:

When you come to Nevada Dental Esthetics for a general dentistry procedure, Dr. Paez will examine and evaluate your teeth to determine exactly which procedures you will need to regain a healthy smile. Because Dr. Paez is a cosmetic dentist, all your procedures will be performed to maximize the beauty of your smile.

What Is General Dentistry?

Dr. Paez is dedicated to making your visit to the dentist office as comfortable as possible. In order to make you relaxed and comfortable, Dr. Paez has developed a painless injection technique that will prevent you from being uncomfortable at all during your procedure. Also, Dr. Paez provides his patients with heated blankets and Bose headphones so that they can be completely relaxed.

Contact Dr. Paez online or call 702-737-3553 today if you would like to learn more about general dentistry during a free initial consultation. Dr. Paez will inform you about all aspects of your procedure and let you know what to expect. Our Las Vegas office serves patients in Spring Valley, Summerlin and other nearby communities.