Laser Dentistry

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Use of lasers has transformed not only dentistry but the entire medical world. Lasers have many benefits, and there are a great many types of laser, each devised for a specific purpose.

At Nevada Dental Esthetics, Inc., we use lasers in cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry procedures. We have both a soft tissue laser and a hard tissue laser. We use them to:

  • Reshape gums
  • Remove lesions
  • Cold sore treatment
  • Periodontal debridement
  • Gingivectomy

All laser dentistry is fast, precise, quiet, and virtually painless. You will have little or no bleeding because the laser seals tissue as it works on it. Because there is so little trauma to the body, you will have a fast recovery period. No infection will develop afterwards because the laser kills micro-organisms in the treatment area as it works. Because the laser is so precise, only the exact treatment area will be affected and nothing beyond

If, for instance, you have laser gum recontouring, the soft-tissue laser will vaporize tiny pieces of gum tissue according to a pre-determined plan. This will bring more of each tooth into view, so that your smile will look more full and balanced. You can leave our office after that treatment and resume normal activities immediately. In past years, such work was done with a scalpel and would have required pain medication and downtime from work and daily routines. Instead of a scalpel, Dr. Jorge Paez uses the Co2 soft tissue laser much to the pleasure of his patients.

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What Is a Laser?

It is a man-made device that delivers energy in the form of light. The light is not scattered, like ordinary incandescent light or car headlights. It travels in parallel beams and can be focused with extraordinary precision. Each laser vibrates at a specific wavelength, which corresponds to a color. Some are easily visible, such as the red laser in a classroom pointer. Some are invisible, vibrating at levels beyond our range of vision, and we call them infrared or ultraviolet lasers.

When a laser is used for surgical or dental work, it acts as a cutting instrument far more precise than any blade. It vaporizes the tissue it touches. There are lasers so hot they can vaporize their way through a block of steel, but those used on human tissue are much gentler.

Our Use of Lasers

  • When Dr. Paez uses a laser, he is in complete control of it. He can set it according to the particular treatment he is doing, and since dental lasers have a very narrow beam, he can direct it to tiny crevices that might otherwise be hard to reach.
  • You might still need some local anesthetic, depending on what is being done, but not necessarily. A laser can be set to penetrate tissue at a given microscopic depth, and this can keep it away from any nerves or blood vessels.
  • The precision of the laser will leave more healthy gum and other tissue in place than traditional treatment.

If you particularly dread seeing the dentist, please be assured that we understand that, and we will work hard to ease your fears. But in these days of advanced dental technology, there is no reason to fear visiting your dentist.

To learn more about how Dr. Jorge Paez uses lasers to treat a variety of dental problems at Nevada Dental Esthetics, please contact our office by phone at 702-737-3553 or fill out the form on this page to make an appointment. We are proud to serves patients in Summerlin, Spring Valley and throughout the Las Vegas area.