Reviews for Dr Paez
and Nevada Dental Esthetics

Las Vegas Dentist Serving Summerlin, Spring Valley and Nearby Nevada Locations

This is the first dentist I have ever been comfortable with. Dr. Paez and his highly professional, friendly, caring staff have eased any anxieties I have had and I no longer dread going to the dentist. It would have been nice to have a dentist like Dr. Paez Thirty years ago.
Dr. Paez is the kindest and most gentle dentist I have ever been to in my life. The office staff has always been very nice to me too. I have been a patient for may years and hope to remain a patient for may years to come.
-Carolyn Marinello
I have been coming to Dr. Paez for many years. He is a very honest and kind dentist to my entire family and me. I will always have my dental work done with Dr. Paez.
-Catarino Guerro
Dr. Paez and his entire staff are outstanding! I have been his patient for 3-4 years and Couldn’t be happier. His state of the art and professionalism is beyond reproach. I would recommend him to anyone.
-Mike Gibbs
I like the way Dr. Paez always treats his patients with a smile. His assistants are kind and hope this will continue.
-Maria Martinez
Dr. Paez and his staff provided outstanding service. I am now a patient who is no longer afraid of the dentist, after 30 years. I highly recommend Dr. Paez.
-Valarie Clifton
The atmosphere in Dr. Paez’s office is both supportive and comforting. The staffs in his office go the extra mile to treat all his patients like family. Staffs remember your name and go to great lengths to make sure their service is satisfactory. Dr. Paez is the “Painless Dentist”. He, and his staff, make you feel at home and take great effort in getting to know you. The professionalism within this office is outstanding. I highly recommend them to anyone.
-Jim Cazier
The dental care provided by Nevada Dental Esthetics is the best I have ever received. The three way combination of a professional and courteous staff, the masterful dentistry skills of Jorge Paez, D.D.S. and the investment and use of the best dentistry technology available allowed Nevada Dental Esthetics to create excellent results for me.
-Tony Yinger
I enjoy seeing Dr. Paez. He explains all the treatment as he is doing it. Also, he is a very gentle dentist. I have been a patient since 1997.
-Lori Abrego