Six Month Smiles

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Improving your smile can have a transformative effect on your life. With Six Month Smiles, you can straighten crooked teeth and have a smile you aren't how do six month smiles workembarrassed to show. No longer will you have to feel ashamed of your teeth when you laugh or smile.

Best of all, this cosmetic dentistry treatment does not involve metal braces! To find out more about Six Month Smiles short-term orthodontic treatment in Las Vegas, please call Nevada Dental Esthetics at 702-737-3553 for a free consultation.

An Improved, Beautiful Smile in Six Months

The benefits of Six Month Smiles treatment include:

  • Average treatment length of six months
  • Effective for crooked teeth and gaps between teeth
  • Clear brackets and tooth-colored wires
  • Focuses on the teeth that show when you smile
  • Low force makes them more comfortable than other types of orthodontics
  • Specifically designed with adults in mind

Six Month Smiles can take anywhere between 4 and 9 months to complete, but the majority of patients' cases are completed within 6 months.

Adults don't want to wear metal braces. You may hate your smile, but have learned to live with self-consciousness because you either don't want traditional braces, or you have been told treatments like dental bonding or braces are not an option for fixing your teeth. Six Month Smiles treats only the appearance of your smile, and it addresses concerns adults have about traditional braces, mainly the long treatment time and the unattractive appearance.

How Six Month Smiles Works

The first step is to determine if you are a candidate for Six Month Smiles. The treatment is not the same as traditional orthodontics, and not everyone is a good candidate. To determine whether it's an option for you, we'll discuss factors such as:

  • The alignment of your bite
  • Your goals for your smile
  • Your alternative options, such as porcelain veneers

To begin treatment, Dr. Jorge Paez will make molds of your teeth, which are sent to Six Month Smiles. A technician will create a custom bonding tray based on these molds, and Dr. Paez will use the tray to place your wires and brackets. You'll visit us about every four weeks until your treatment is complete.

If you have a good bite and want only to improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile, then Six Month Smiles may be perfect for you. The only way to know for sure is to be examined by Dr. Paez. Schedule a free consultation by completing the form on this page or calling 702-737-3553 today. Nevada Dental Esthetics welcomes patients throughout the Las Vegas area, including Summerlin, Spring Valley and other nearby communities.