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When you have teeth that are discolored or stained, it can make you self-conscious and hesitant to smile. If you are suffering from having teeth that aren't as white as you would like, the teeth whitening solutions provided by Dr. Paez can provide you with the smile you desire.

At Nevada Dental Esthetics, Dr. Paez provides cosmetic dentistry patients with the option of having their teeth whitened with the ZOOM teeth whitening system or custom take-home solutions. Find out the best option for your smile by calling 702-737-3553 today for a free consultation at our office in Las Vegas.

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Benefits Of Visiting A Dentist For Teeth Whitening

By having your teeth whitening performed or provided by Dr. Paez, you will be able to receive better results without the possible side effects of over-the-counter teeth whitening products. Many times, people find that store-bought teeth whitening products just irritate their gums, make their teeth sensitive, or cause their teeth to look unnaturally white.

Dr. Paez offers two different forms of treatment that can make your smile dazzling white. ZOOM is an in-office treatment that can be completed within an hour. Take home teeth whitening treatments include special tooth whitening gel that lightens teeth without damaging gums.

Your ZOOM Teeth Whitening Appointment

ZOOM is a light-activated teeth whitening treatment that is fast, safe, and effective. During your procedure, Dr. Paez will apply a special teeth whitening gel to your teeth. Then, the ZOOM blue light is directed at the gel, activating the gel and breaking up deep stains in your teeth.

The ZOOM teeth whitening treatment is performed in three 15-minute sessions and is complete in just one hour. It can lighten your teeth 6 to 10 shades whiter. You can easily fit ZOOM teeth whitening into your busy schedule to achieve a brighter smile.

What About At-Home Teeth Whitening?

Take-home teeth whitening treatments include custom made trays and gel that you use at night. Take-home teeth whitening can produce the same results as ZOOM in-office teeth whitening, but takes a longer amount of time.

How Long Do ZOOM In-Office Whitening Results Last?

The results of an in-office whitening treatment using the ZOOM system are typically long-lasting. Patients may be able to enjoy the radiant and bright new shade of their smiles for up to 24 months!

Of course, that depends largely on their oral care routines as well as what they eat and drink. ZOOM whitening results may last 12 months or less if a patient does not practice good aftercare.

What Maintenance Do I Need After ZOOM Teeth Whitening?

ZOOM teeth whitening is a relatively low-maintenance treatment. That said, you will need to follow a few steps if you want your smile to stay white and free from unwanted discoloration.

Our dentist may suggest simple measures such as:

  • Brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste
  • Avoiding foods and beverages that are notorious for causing stains
  • Using a touch-up kit at home
  • Giving up smoking
  • Scheduling regular dental cleaning appointments
  • Booking a follow-up in-office whitening service when your results start to fade

What Should You Not Do After ZOOM Whitening?

Your teeth are going to be more susceptible to stains for up to 48 hours after ZOOM whitening. So, you will want to avoid any foods and beverages that could discolor your stunning smile.

Many patients choose to go on a so-called white diet. That means that they only eat foods that are light in color and steer clear of dark beverages. Lean proteins such as fish and chicken, rice, bread, plain yogurt, milk, and water are all safe picks. So are options like white cheese and tofu.

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Regardless, all patients should avoid things like:

  • Wine
  • Coffee and tea
  • Soft drinks
  • Pasta sauce
  • Dark fruits
  • Chocolate

It is also a good idea to stay away from acidic foods and drinks after whitening. Citrus fruits, pickled foods, and similar snacks may irritate teeth that are feeling sensitive from the treatment.

Is ZOOM Teeth Whitening Bad For Your Teeth?

ZOOM teeth whitening is one of the safest ways to whiten your smile. It is better for your teeth than certain over-the-counter products, active ingredients, and do-it-yourself home remedies.

In-office treatments are administered by trained dental professionals. Your mouth and gums will be carefully prepared to minimize irritation. And after you have reached your desired shade, you will receive a post-treatment gel to help reduce any sensitivity and protect your tooth enamel.

At-home kits contain safe tooth whitening ingredients. Additionally, the trays are customized to fit your teeth, which means you will likely experience less irritation and a better cosmetic result than the one-size-fits-all treatments you can find online or on the shelves of a local drugstore.

Are There Any Side Effects After A ZOOM Teeth Whitening Session?

Some patients experience minor discomfort or tooth sensitivity after ZOOM whitening. It is also possible to have tooth or gum pain, irritated gums, or irritated soft tissues of the mouth. These side effects are temporary. You can reduce your risk by visiting a skilled dental professional.

Our dentist will gladly discuss additional considerations associated with tooth whitening. He will also make sure that you are a good candidate for treatment based on your oral health status.

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For many people, teeth whitening is just what they need to regain their self-confidence. If you would like to learn more about teeth whitening or if you would like to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Paez in Las Vegas today by completing this form or calling 702-737-3553 for service in Spring Valley, Summerlin and the nearby areas. During your free consultation, Dr. Paez will answer all of your questions about tooth whitening.

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