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Will Tooth Whitening Hurt My Gums?

Some tooth whitening products can make your gums sore or even stain/bleach your gum tissue. However, Dr. Paez uses ZOOM tooth whitening, a professional solution that has not only been shown to not cause any damage to your gums, but the special light used in ZOOM is actually healthy for your gums, ridding them of some types of bacteria.

Will Tooth Whitening Make My Teeth Sensitive?

Again, some whitening products can make teeth sensitive. When teeth become sensitive, it can make enjoying your favorite foods very difficult.

For the most part, tooth sensitivity occurs when people use tooth whitening products from the store. ZOOM tooth whitening will not make your teeth sensitive. If there is any sensitivity after your treatment, it will subside after a few hours.

How Long Will My Results Last?

Your tooth whitening results can last many years, but this depends on how well you maintain your smile. Proper dental care and routine dental check-ups are key to maintaining your beautiful, white teeth. Also, your teeth can become stained when they are exposed to tobacco products, dark foods, dark drinks and certain chemicals. In order keep your teeth as white as possible, it is important to avoid excessive exposure to staining agents.

How Long Does Tooth Whitening Take?

Different tooth whitening products can take different amounts of time. Some take-home products can take weeks, even months just to see 1 or 2 shades of lightening. ZOOM tooth whitening can be performed in as little as 45 minutes, and usually only takes an hour. Many people schedule tooth whitening during their lunch hour.

What Do I Do If I Don’t Want To Do An In-Office Treatment?

Some people would prefer a take-home whitening treatment. Dr. Paez also provides professional tooth whitening treatments that can be performed by patients at their homes.

Will Tooth Whitening Affect My Dental Restorations?

Generally tooth whitening treatments do not work on dental restorations. If you are considering a dental restoration, you may want to whiten your teeth prior to receiving the dental restoration.

If you would like to receive a tooth whitening treatment, contact Dr. Paez in Las Vegas, Nevada today by calling 702-737-3553 or emailing us to discover how much lighter your teeth could be.

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